by Gasmask

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released February 1, 2012



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Gasmask Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Soulless
Hopeless, Soulless
the twisting turning hatred crawls under my skin
the darkness swallows; hollow, nothing within
Track Name: Calm of the Water
calm of the water drifts you out further
the illusion of peace, just what the world needs
they'll pull you under you wont see it coming
no one can hear you, you are all alone
floating in the water -- face down
worse than a slaughter -- you drown
blacken the skies now, higher the tides now
reflections of a face with nothing in its place
the'll pull you under you wont see it coming
darkness consumes you takes away your skin
stars burn bright now, doesn't matter
you drown
darkness is consuming me
distorting everything I see
water is consuming me
you drown
Track Name: The World is the Same
I feel nothing and I dont think I ever will
I feel nothing except the urge to fucking kill
cops are corrupted, kidnapping children
left without a trace, still a blank look on my face
skies falling now the world screams in terror
you cry for justice it doesnt even matter
the world is the same
I am to blame
violence on the streets
pipe bombs at your feet
the bombs hit the ground
they wont make a sound
the world's not the same
I am to blame
Track Name: Quiet Earth
Its hell on earth
so you want something else
look towards the sun
look towards the eyes in the sky
look towards the sun
now close your eyes as you die
take it from me there is nothing left
Track Name: Plant the Seed
thunder mother look no further
for I am the one that you seek
satan's child stay awhile
for I am the one disguised as the weak
traits of anger
fear from danger
a storm of rage
at its peak
plant the seeds
of war and greed
deception, hatred and greed
Now, forced your way in
piercing wounds
do you like what you see?
you want it?
take it from me
I am what you hate, its the only way